Wednesday Zoom meetings will continue every Wednesday night at

7:00 pm and are open discussion.

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Zoom meetings start at 10:30 on Sunday mornings

We also have live meetings at the Nexus at 10:30 Sunday Mornings.


November  Meetings

Nov 6 -  Separation of Church and State - Video

Nov 13 - Open Discussion - Honoring our Veterans

Nov 20 - What does it mean to be Spiritual?  

                 Presented by Drew Reichman

Nov 27 -  Join us at the Olive Garden in Tradition,

              Port St Lucie, Fl -  There will be NO meetings on

              this Sunday, either Zoom or at the Nexus.

              We will celebrate Thanksgiving on this Sunday.

              Separate checks for all attending.  Please join us.

               Everyone is invited!